Basic Plan

Suggested for home owners or anyone who works from home.
The Basic plan is the perfect plan for small networks. This may include homeowners, or anyone who works from home and or very small businesses. This plan is built for Entry Level Enterprise Equipment, Allowing for high reliability for everyone on the network. This plan requires the most little amount of time. The consultaion could even be made over the phone.

The equipment used in this plan will be fairly similar with minor changes to fit the current enviornment. This plan would most likley include:

  • 1 - 2 Wireless Access Points
  • 1 - Router*
  • 1 - Modem*
  • 1 - Switch**
  • 1 - Patch Panel**
*These may be provided by your ISP. If not they will be purchased seperatley.
**These will be required if each room has ethernet dropdowns. Otherwise unnecessary.
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