What EXACTLY do you do?
We Design, Setup, Configure, Maintain wired or wireless networks for small business' or home owners. The first network I setup was for a friend of a friend. Once I had completed the task it occured to me that there is not really any company that will come in and install a small network. Comcast is only allowed to work on their own equipment, which was the issue my client ran into. If you are still unsure as to if you need our services contact us Here
How long does it take?
This is going to depend on many variables. How large your network will be. Which will involve more designing. If there are any limitations as to when it can be installed. There is also the wait for shipping. It could take anywhere from 1 Day - 3 Days of pure installations and configuration.
Is it secure?
The sort answer Yes. However, there are many different levels of security. If you create a guest network they tend to run differently. More versitile for the number of devices. The easiest and very secure way of locking your network is a WPA2 Encryption. This requires the user to enter a password to get into the network. An even more secure way is WPA2 Enterprise. Which involves a username and password.
We are very flexible with payment options. Cash, Check, Credit, or Debit is accepted. A Network Technician is rated anywhere from $23 - $62. Since we are trying to save you money while allowing you to make money we have lowered our rate to $20 per hour. A salary plan can be arranged if that is prefered.
What equipment do you use?
The equipment we use will depend on the number of devices and the area needed to be covered for you network. We tend to use Entry Level Enterprise brands and Enterprise brands including: Ubiquiti, Cisco, Juniper.